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Crystal - Founder of Desert Bloom Picnics

Hello there!

My name is Crystal, I am the founder of Desert Bloom Picnics. I'm a Chicago native and made the move to Arizona in 2011. I am beyond blessed and thankful for the opportunity to live and enjoy the beautiful state of Arizona, it's full of abundant treasures. My journey of planning, styling, and organizing events started back in Chicago during college. Over the years I have had the opportunity of working in corporate event planning with major brands and large corporations in various capacities. And now my very own business at Desert Bloom Picnics. God is good!

Here at Desert Bloom Picnics, we operate as Latino family-owned picnic business located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Si hablamos español. We pride 
ourselves in high-style picnic set-ups with edible graze tables that will delight your eyes and taste buds.

We bring our authentic creativity and passion for event design to you with our picnics. We are attentive to the elements and details that impact events. The location, ambiance, food, drinks, all contribute to the creation of a memorable event experience.
We await to meet you and for you to see the picnic we plan together. Until then we'll save you a seat.